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Full Support Maintenance

Commercially effective websites need constant maintenance: regular refreshing of items on display to grasp and maintain visitors' interest. It involves timely deletion of items sold and immediate insertion of new arrivals. You may opt to perform these tedious tasks yourself with the help of some content management system. But if you find this too cumbersome and prefer concentrate your time and attention on things that are nearer to your heart and in which you excel, we are here to take this burden from your shoulders as well at a modest fee.

We can take over all aspects of daily website management to keep it up to date and running, from the initial setting up of your webhosting account to the continuous refreshing of images and textual content. Physical distance should no longer put any hindrance in good and effective communication.

We invite you to send us your updating instructions in any format you may find most convenient. We make use of formal and efficient systems for file transfer, uploading of your files, but, efficient as they may be, they should never stand in the way of other more direct forms of communication - phone, SMS, e-mail, skype - that you prefer. You will learn very quickly that our customer relation management is unparalleled.

We are well quite aware that you, being the expert in your own business, may not aspire to become a web expert yourself. Therefore, when needed, we guide you through the fast sprawling world of online advertising and social media while continuously taking care that your website receives the high rankings in search results it deserves.

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