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Louis Morèl and Associates deliver web services to dealers in fine arts, jewelry, collectibles and antiques. Having been well bred as dealers in this trade ourselves with shops in Amsterdam and Antwerp, we switched with the advance of the internet from “atoms to bits” to focus entirely on web services. However, we remained close to where our hearts and soul lie: the world of fine arts and antiques.

We strongly believe that our familiarity and affinity with this particular sector enables us to better understand the requirements of our clients. Their highly specialized expertise on objects from former ages often appears hard to reconcile with technical knowledge on mundane affairs like web site building, maintenance and photo editing. That's where we step in with offering a maximum of convenience in realizing and maintaining a splendid web presence.



Our main philosophy:
The attractiveness of antiques and art is strongly enhanced when captured in large-sized photos of high resolution and shown in a 'screen wide' format on any device, be it desktop, tablet of smartphone.



We enable specialist dealers in fine art and antiques to concentrate on their mission, that is finding astounding pieces while they can rely on Louis Morel Web Services to display these items in the most attractive way on their web sites.



We design exquisite web sites that do full right to the beauty of antiques and fine arts. “Classy” may stand for a classic and richly ornamented style as well as for a tasteful minimalist approach. Either way, behind the screen, your website will be run by the latest web technology.



Exquisite photo editing and high end fully tailor made websites need not be expensive. The prices for our all-inclusive web services will positively surprise you.

We love what we do. You will, too.

  • As demonstrated by the many examples in our website, our image editors have pushed their skills in photo editing - removing background cluttering, repositioning, colour correction - to the highest level imaginable. We handle all image formats be it JPEG, GIF, PNG and many other standards in any required resolution.

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  • Any visual aspect of your website should be optimally displayed on any device through which it is being accessed. As we are entering a smartphone dominated web, we make particularly sure that the display of your website on smartphones or tablets is flawless.

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  • We design and build your website bottom-up and tailor-made to all specific style and visual requirements you may think of. But if affordability is an important criterion to you, we build with the same dedication a website composed of existing modules and templates.

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  • Commercially effective websites need constant maintenance: regular updating of items on display to grasp and maintain visitors' interest, timely deletion of items sold and an immediate insertion of new arrivals. This may be cumbersome and, if you prefer, we are there to take this burden from your shoulders as well at a modest fee

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Our dedication to and affinity with fine art and antiques

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