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Responsive Web Design

This year alone, according to market researcher Gartner, another one billion smartphones will be sold worldwide bringing its penetration rate close to 100%. It will not take long before any world citizen will be able to surf the internet. For most people, your potential customers as well, the smartphone will become the device of first choice to surf the internet. It is therefore of utmost importance that your website looks good on smartphones that run on different operating platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows. But we just not only think of smartphones as there is a score of other devices such as tablets and phablets which have their own peculiarities that requite smart website design.

Any seriously interested antiques lover would prefer to visit your website by some large screen device for obtaining an optimal view of your collection. However, chances are, that his first encounter with your website is made via a smartphone. It depends on the quality of this experience whether he will be motivated to revisit your website via a larger screen later on from his easy chair.

We test your website existing website on any device and report to you where display flaws are encountered and propose how to solve these. This may involve some adjustment in the underlying source code or some rearrangement of your web pages. Sometimes, however, the only wise decision is to choose for a full makeover of your website. We objectively report to you (without charge) the results of our analyses of your web site, propose the necessary adjustments and improvements together with a binding price offer. Knowing that we can build a complete new web site that responds to all modern requirements at a price that seldom exceeds 500 euro, there is no way that you will be negatively surprised.

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