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Quite often objects are photographed by antiques and arts dealers in a casual way without much regard of focus, light exposure and surrounding. It is quite understandable. When new arrivals must be quickly photographed, all these necessary preparations are being neglected simply by lack of time.

By no means we would advise you to change this practice but even encourage you to keep on taking photos in this rather loose way, provided they have sufficient resolution. You may continue the way you like as we are specialists in transforming casually taken photos in enticing pictures which are often little works of art in themselves.


Clipping is the first step in the image editing process. It implies the removal of background and all items that distract attention from the object on which we want to focus. Although there are some software tools to assist us, the main part of this really intricate work is completely done by hand. A time consuming but nevertheless satisfactory work for achieving the best results.

Repositioning & Colour Adjustment

The second step is repositioning and centering the object that sometimes stands cross and queer on a spontaneously taken photo. Over and under exposure can be corrected for by deepening or lightening the colours.


These first three steps already significantly enhance the overall quality of the picture. Magic, however, is added by shading which, to do it in natural way, is an art in itself. It is the most dedicated part of the editor's job and requires his or her genuine interest, if not love, for the object. Shading adds depth to the picture as if we can touch and grasp it.

Informational Add-ons

Descriptive tags, urls and logos can add more functionality to the edited photos. With these elements the photos can really stand on their own with minimal additional text needed or even no text at all. After all, most visitors of web sites are mainly being attracted by pictures. The fewer text, the better as it raises for really interested buyers the need to engage in personal contact with you.

Transferring Your Photos

You can easily transfer your photos to us by various ways. You can simply upload your photos here or send them as attached files in your-email to us. Any number of photos, no order too small, will be processed with the same dedication and enthusiasm. For larger numbers of photos we may open for you a folder in dropbox or another file sharing medium you may prefer including your existing FTP software. Usually, we deliver our services within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

We guarantee that we only use your files for allowing us to edit your photos. In no way we use them for other purposes or share them with others. When the job is done the original files are routinely destroyed.

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