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Services overview

We deliver all conceivable web related services to antiques & arts dealers to assist them in the realization of an impressive internet presence. From website hosting until day-to-day maintenance of websites, whether designed and built by us or others, web analytics, search engine optimization and online advertising.

We familiar ourselves with the relevant particulars in which you conduct your business, the market niche you holds or want to hold and advise you on how your web presence will optimally contribute to your business success. We analyze the numbers and characteristics of the visitors to your website and advise you on how to stimulate the visitor numbers by various forms of customer interaction.

Why to choose our services?

We offer integrated web services in a one stop shopping experience at maximum convenience and an affordable price. Ultra fast response, strict individual approach, intense communication and 100% price transparency are the hallmarks of what sets us apart.

In short, we act more as partners in all the web aspects that relate to your business than as providers of occasionally rendered web services. But if you would want us to do some photo editing from time to time we are more than pleased in delivering just that as well.

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